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News Room

Assembly OKs school Control bill    - Oakland Tribune
June 6, 2007

Swanson takes office after years toiling behind-the-scenes    - Capitol Weekly
November 30, 2006

Vote Swanson for Assembly member - Oakland Tribune
October 25, 2006

Swanson wins Assembly seat nod - Oakland Tribune
June 8, 2006

Globe Newspapers endorses Sandré Swanson for Assembly District 16 - Oakland Globe
May 17 - 23, 2006

Sandré Swanson seeks to move to center stage - Oakland Tribune
May 4, 2006

Swanson wins nearly 65% of votes at pre-endorsement conference - Oakland Globe
Apr 5-11, 2006

Swanson Honors Mrs. Coretta Scott King
Oakland, CA
Feb. 08, 2006

Sandré Swanson Backs Clean Money Campaign
Oakland, CA
Jan. 11, 2006

Sandré Swanson: Running Hard for Oakland Assembly Seat
Oakland Globe
Oakland, CA October 26, 2005

Labor Council Endorses Swanson for Assembly Seat
Oakland Post
Oakland, CA August 3-9, 2005

Labor Council Endorses Swanson for Assembly Seat
Oakland Globe
Oakland, CA July 27, 2005

OAKPAK Endorses Swanson for Chan's Assembly Seat
East Bay Business Times
Friday, July 8, 2005

Oakland Business Leaders Endorse Swanson
Oakland Tribune
Oakland, CA July 2, 2005

An Eagle Returns to His Nest
Laney Grad Swanson Speaks at Commencement
Oakland, CA June 1, 2005

Sandré Swanson Announces Candidacy for 16th Assembly District
Sunday Morning News
Serving Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and San Francisco
Sunday, February 27, 2005

Political Who's Who Backing Sandré Swanson's Bid For State Assembly Seat
Oakland Globe
Oakland, CA February 23, 2005

Swanson to Join Assembly Race
Alameda Times - Star
Oakland Tribune
Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sandré Swanson Seeking 16th Assembly Seat
Oakland Post
Oakland, CA January 5-11, 2005

Local Political Force Swanson to Retire
Oakland Tribune
Oakland, CA March 7, 2004

Swanson’s Support of Congresswoman Lee’s Historic Stand
LA Times, Washington Post & Essence
Sep. 18, 23, 2001

President Bill Clinton and Sandré Swanson at Oakland Rally
San Francisco Chronicle, November 4, 2000

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Sandré Swanson for Assembly 2010
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Sandré Swanson for Assembly 2010
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Director of Events
Carol Jones

Cell: (415) 370-8026
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Amy Alley
Cell: 916-990-2134

Proven leadership
in building
successful communities

  • Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Barbara Lee
  • District Director and Senior Policy Advisor to Congressman Ron Dellums
  • Chairman and Trustee, Alameda County Pension Board
  • Chairman Civil Service Commission
  • Vice-Chairman and Commissioner, Reuse and Redevelopment Authority